Rammed Earth Platform Eighteen – Tons of damp soil; 8’ x 8’ x 4’. Two vinyl pillows embroidered with feather stitches.

Phallic Shaped Vegetable Garden – Carrots, jalapenos, ochre, cucumbers, corn, zucchini. Planted in May for cookout harvest in September.

Green on Green Surveillance – Of an ochre plant transmitted into the gallery.

Dissection Table – Exato knife, magnifying glass, pins, hammer, salt.

Outdoor Screening – “Can Can Can” by KR Buxey 2.5 minutes, 2001. “Fucked” by KR Buxey, 2 minutes, 2000 “Tassels” by Carolyn Caizzi, 2 minutes, 2003. “Picnic” by Steve Reinke and Dani Leventhal, 3 minutes, 2003. “History Lessons” by Barbara Hammer, 70 minutes, 2000.