Slurry is a drawing on wood and a hill through. The sound of a child’s voice loops.

Cameos reoccurring; They are ovals drawn around. Protecting the beloved. A birth canal. A beached father who is without his head. An anonymous soldier. You can find legs bent in prayer and clouds for dreaming. Bombed out yellows and greens. The 23rd psalm and placenta in a push cart. “Slurry” is marking the territory. “Slurry” is drawing suggestions from animals because we might find in them, through them, a connection to ourselves in a larger sense of being.

Some people are born into positions of hate.

Translucent child skin, child who understands so much but how could he? Fears of mothering and the regrets of causing harm.

The desire to love and the desire to fuck and the willingness to be left alone. Searching.


A superstitious sister, a voluptuous camel, an exhausted German woman who needs to stay awake. We get dealt certain cards and that is the luck. One can choose to turn one’s back and be riddled with fear. Eyes wide shut. But I don’t want to. It is 2007 and we are at war.